Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Exchange

Hi all!  Several weeks ago I signed up to do a spring gift exchange hosted by Shopaholic in Alabama and Maryland Pink and Green.  Well, I was paired up with Erica and it turned out to be such fun!  First of all, Erica was super easy to shop for.  Hey, a girl who loves fashion and food, easy -- apron!!  So I went right over to my favorite lady, Lynn, and grabbed up the cutest and springiest Lilly Pulitzer apron I could find.  Erica seemed genuinely happy, even said she was going to use it for Easter!  I also gave her a copy of "Social Climbers,"  very important reading!!!

Then I received her gift and boy was it ever cute!  The minnies have actually taken all of it from me.  It included these fun items all packaged in a pail with shovel:

No picture of the pail, because it's already in use in the sandbox at their playground!

It really was a great exchange and I wanted to thank our wonderful hosts, Lori and Bethany, as well as my adorable partner Erica! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring gifts!  TTFN!




  1. Oh that Lilly apron is to die for! I definitely need one of those! Glad you had a fun swap! I need to post pics of my gifts too, thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Aren't they so fun?! If you go under the link for Lynn, it takes you directly to her site!!

  3. I had so much fun exchanging with you Kim! I will post pictures from my big apron debut!


  4. You are absolutely the sweetest Kim. Thank you for posting this. It really is cute isn't it? Sorry, but I get giddy over each one I make!!!
    Yours and the girls are on their way.

  5. Erica, can't wait to see the pix. Make sure to copy Lynn.

    Lynn, the more I look at it,the more I want it! ;)