Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yummy Things!

Let me start this with a disclaimer, I promise I'm not stalking you, Erin!  That being said, it really does seem like it, because the two yummy things I'm talking about today are contributed to her.

First, Erin had tweeted the other day about a fun breakfast that she had made and brought in for her coworkers to enjoy at Lilly Pulitzer.  The name alone, mini-maple-pancake-muffins, had me intrigued.  Then I went to the website and saw they had chocolate chips in them.  I just knew they had to be made!!  

Finally had the chance this morning and to say they are TDF is an understatement!  These are so yummy and so easy.  I can think of many variations and what great portion control.  Well, I must confess, the kids ate all 24!  Shh!!  Don't tell the good mommies out there!  

Here's one of my minnie's plates...

All four kids loved the pancake muffins.

Even the baby HAD to feed himself, because he didn't think I was feeding him fast enough!

Now, to yummy thing number two!

Little Lilly Novelty Shift

Erin designed this most beautiful Little Lilly Novelty Shift.  I know two minnies that must have it!!  The rosette detailing at the top is fantastic!  Pearl earrings will make the perfect and only accessory.  Well, maybe Mommy can be an accessory in this...

Kaye Dress Printed Silk

What do you think?  Both are perfect for Easter or any spring/summer party!

I just had to share these yummy things with you! 




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