Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day?!

Yes my friends, it's snowing in Georgia, AGAIN!!!  Can I tell you how unhappy this makes me?  Okay, so snow is pretty to look at, but in Georgia, it means icy roads and mass closings.  And, for a home schooling mom, it means constantly telling the kids, "Do your schoolwork!  There isn't enough snow to play!"  Ugh!

So, how much snow have we received?  Well, about an hour after the first picture was taken, here's another view from the front door...

STILL not enough to play in, but enough for the kids to want to play!  Actually, as I sit and write this, the older two seem to have found a pretty good pace and are working away.  Maybe we'll have enough snow for play by the time they're done.  Who knows.

As promised, here is one of the elephant cookies I made yesterday for Ittybit's preschool class.  Have to say I love the Lilly Pulitzer cookie cutters by Lifeguard Press.  Was hoping to have some cute pictures of the Minnies, but they were too busy playing to help on this project.  Oh well, maybe next time!

Oh, I do have some pretty exciting news, I won a trivia contest on Facebook this morning hosted by The Pink Paddock a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Can't wait to use my gift certificate.  While I haven't shopped with them yet, I have messaged the owner several times on Facebook and she seems so sweet!  She always seems to be coming up with some fun contests.  Maybe this Southern girl will have to cross the Mason-Dixon line and check it out!  What do you think?!

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful day!




  1. Looks like I was going to head to Hall county today but the couch was so inviting. I got caught up on all my recorded shows. The cookie thing also reminds me to make something for the possible staff meeting tomorrow. Urrg Where do you get the energy? Love ya!

  2. I just don't stop. If I did, I don't know that I would get back up! :) We love you, too!!

  3. Safe travels! If near Saratoga, you need to check out The Pink Paddock and give Mr. Phipps a hug from me! Mr Phipps is their giraffe mascot.

  4. Well, I have been in the shop in Saratoga and like all shops in Saratoga...lovely!!!

    So glad to have found your fun blog. Hope you can come over and visit me at Southern Somedays...and yes, I can't believe that schools have been closed for 2 days this week! Spring, spring, where for art thou?

  5. I'm so ready for spring! I've never seen such snow in my life. Counting the days til warmer weather. xoxo

  6. I haven't seen those cutters yet...love the palm tree! xx

  7. Love the cookie cutters, as do the Minnies, and they are SO easy to use. Highly recommend them! Thanks for stopping by! XOXO