Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a Day!

Hello all!!  Today started with me having to make green eggs and ham for Ittybit's preschool class, which went along with the elephant cookies I made the other day.  They may have celebrated late (due to snow), but they were finally able to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.  It was fun to go into her class and see who embraced the idea of dressing up.  Ittybit was Cindylou Who, but that isn't much of a stretch and her teacher was the Cat in the Hat, complete with whiskers -- VERY cute!!!  Even my older two got in on the fun, the eldest wore a stovepipe hat and my 5 year old girl wore her Cat in the Hat pajamas!!  I love it when they can play along, too.  It's hard to remember to do those fun things when you home school.

While these are fun things, it also throws our day out of balance and I'm still trying to find our way back to normalcy -- whatever that may be!  Hence the short post today, but please do come back, as I was able to use my gift certificate to the Pink Paddock and can't wait to tell you all about the adventures of phone shopping with Kim!

Oh, all hasn't been lost on me, I did notice that it is much warmer today and I can feel shift dresses and sandals in my near future, yippee!!!!