Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photographic Memories

Recently I was contacted by Kodak to do a survey that was linking pictures with feelings.  It was a great experience for me and I think I may have gotten even more out of it than Kodak.  I had to sit down and think why photos are so important to me.  Simply put, they are my family's history. 

Ken Rada and I were even talking about this yesterday.  It's amazing how fast the children grow and how important it is to document these changes.  They only happen once, we can't go back and capture that moment again.  There are other ways to capture those moments, through words and through keepsakes, but photos seem to always hold a special place.  I have a wall upstairs that contains nothing but photos, I would share a picture, but am embarrassed to admit the baby doesn't have any pictures up there yet.  I have the pictures ready to go, but just haven't added them yet.  What makes this wall so interesting is that it really is a time capsule.  Most of the pictures are from even before Ittybit (now 3).  I even have Ty's milestone pictures up there, yes I know he's 10 now, but I can't bare to take any of the pictures down and update it.  I just keep adding photos.  I'm sure there will come a day when those pictures will come down, but I'm not ready to let go of that history yet.

Just recently, we took down "belly shots" of me that were in Ittybit's room.  There were four of them, each with the older kids and even one with my husband.  I actually cried when they came down, but also realized Ittybit might like to have some of herself.  For now, she has her name in gold letters above her bed -- quite the star!  The pictures now sit in my closet and I'm perplexed what to do.  I thought about hanging them in our room, but for now, I think they'll stay in the closet.  That way, when I want, I can look back in time and remember when...

Family history is important to me, as you well have guessed.  Here is the hallway leading to our room and the laundry room.

These are our children's baptismal outfits.  Even the matting matches the ink from their baptismal announcements.  I walk by these everyday and remember those special moments.  For me, these are as special as the photos that were taken at those events with the bonus of not having to see myself a few weeks after giving birth! :)

I hope I have shared something with you that makes you think about what pictures mean to you and you learn something new about yourself.  I know I did.  Part of the reason this blog was started was because of the questions that were asked in the survey.



I wanted to let everyone know I received my order from the Pink Paddock yesterday and I was very happy with it.  Especially since I was phone shopping with Kim and was trusting her judgement completely.  She even threw in a few surprises, which the kids and I really enjoyed!

If you have a Lilly Pulitzer need, please contact them!


  1. I am a photo obsessed mom as well. Truly, coming into this season of change for our family and DD getting ready to expand her world and fly a bit on her own, has made me understand that even more. I tend to never be without my camera and love nothing more than sitting down and looking at family photos.

    I love your framed gowns, they look lovely.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the idea of the outfits framed. That is too cute, and so sweet!