Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day

Hi all!  Welcome to the start of summer!!  Yes, we all love a good BBQ and trip to the beach, lake, park, etc, but we need to remember to keep this day special in our hearts. Memorial Day is the day to remember our fallen heroes, our brave military who have died protecting this great nation!  For a more thorough history of Memorial Day please check out this site, as it had some fascinating information. Just wanted to take a moment to remind us all how very important Memorial Day is.

If any of you are in the military or have family in the military, I'm incredibly grateful for all of your sacrifices for my family and the entire country!  May God bless each and everyone of you!!  And for all the soldiers who have gone before us, a very special thank you for your incredible generosity to your country  --  I know God has already blessed each of you, as he met you.


Moina Michael poem:

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer?!

Hi all and a Happy Wednesday to you!  In case you haven't guessed, life here is hectic and I've had to take some time off from blogging.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I'll  get back on track.  In the meantime, know that I love you all and am trying to find the time to read your blogs, too. 

Just wondering, what ever happened to the lazy days of summer?!  They sure as heck aren't here, between our business and camps for the kids, I'm more busy now than during the Holidays.  If any of you have any ideas to help me navigate this craziness, trust me, I WANT and NEED to know.



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Words to Live By

Hi all!  Hope your weekend is completely wonderful.  I'm in need of some time off, so I'm going to leave you for the weekend to mull over these words to live by.  I saw them on the sign in front of a little church the other day...

Aspire to insprire before you expire!




Friday, May 21, 2010

A Blog Award, for Me?!

Hi all! Recently, I received the versatile blogger award from Sarah over at honey, sugah, dahlin' and boy do I thank her.  This is the same sweet girl that I won a strawberry cookbook from -- can you say yummy?! She is such a sweetheart!

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the blogger who presented me with this award. How could I not do that?

2) Share 7 things about myself. Oh dear God...

3) Pass on the award to 15 bloggers I have recently discovered and love! I know there are more than 15, as I still consider myself a recent blogger. If you're not named, know I still love you, but must stick to the rules!

So here we go! Seven random things you might (or might not) want to know…

1. DH and I have four kids -- 2 boys 10 and 17 months and 2 girls 5 and 3 -- God help us! Oh, and the last two were complete surprises and great blessings!

2. I help DH run a business, as well as home school the older two.

3. I love Lilly Pulitzer

4. I attended Prep School in Atlanta -- one day I'll do the post I've been promising.

5. I graduated from Oglethorpe University -- twice!! Undergraduate Degree in Communications with a Business Minor and I also have an MBA. It's so sad, they did away with the MBA program.

6. I was married during my first year of grad school (over Spring Break) and was 6 months pregnant when I graduated with my MBA.

7. I met DH in a bar the day after I turned 21.

15 bloggers that I love, easy enough:

Good Girl Gone Redneck

Desperately Seeking Seersucker

Queen of my House

If Only Everyone Thought this Way...

Southern Somedays

Survivng Little People

Shopaholic in Alabama

Short Southern Momma

Housewife Bliss

Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

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The Entertaining House

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ittybit's World

Hi all!  As I was downloading pictures the other day, I stumbled across the following pictures taken by Ittybit and thought I would share them with you.  Here's how Ittybit views her world. 

How do you view yours?  TTFN!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom And The Winner Is...

Hi all!  Today is the day, the big, big day.  Yes, you know it, my mom is now officially 30!!!  Not what you were thinking?  That's okay.  You want to know the winner?  Well... wait, hold on.  Mom wasn't able to come over today, but did help me out with the little ones yesterday, so we surprised her,

I really think she was surprised, what about you?  With this beautiful cake from Bill Rhodes Bakery.

In case you couldn't tell, Mom just loves her flamingos!  Doesn't the bakery do a fab job?!  I ALWAYS use them for all my bakery needs. 

Okay, so here's how the drawing went for the Cicale T Designs necklace.  Since, Mom was unable to be here, the duty was given by proxy to Eldest Daughter as Eldest Son held the bowl.  Eldest Daughter was so quick I barely got the picture -- they were so excited to be a part of this.

So... Eldest Son is pleased to announce the winner is

Heather from Fabulous Fun Finds

I know you will enjoy this stunning piece and hope you take lots of pictures of you wearing it.  Please contact me with your mailing address and I'll get it out to you right away!  Again, congrats, Heather .  Also, thank you to all that entered and follow my ramblings!  TTFN!!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Georgia Rain

Hi all!  This song by Josh Kadison says it all about how I feel about my little ones (okay, so none of them are named Jesse, but still, they are my EVERYTHING).  Check out how much fun they had playing out in the "Georgia Rain."  TTFN!



Don't forget, today is the LAST day to enter my Cicale T Designs necklace giveaway.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying to Figure "It" Out...

Hi all!  For the past 36 days I've been reading "A Purpose Driven Life."  I've had it for years now, but just haven't been able to devote the time it deserves, or so I thought.  More likely, I lacked the discipline or just wasn't open to what I needed to learn.  I'm glad I've waited until now, because I am open to what it says and, even more importantly, have been able to share some moving passages with others who needed the encouragement.  What has been learned, you may be asking.  Simply put, it isn't all about me, my wants, my needs.  It's about what I can do for others. 

This blog was started as a way to express myself, my creativity, and will continue to be used for that, but there is so much more happening with it.  I may not be as popular as some of the other bloggers (which made me feel inferior for a while), but I am building relationships and able to help people in so many ways.  It makes me feel good to be in the background connecting people and helping them to reach their potential.  That is what it is about.  I'm not going to list my "good deeds," as they are not important.  What is important, is focusing on what can be done for others.  Does that mean I let others walk over me?  Heck, no.  I'm a strong woman.  It's just I've realized my strength comes in the form of being in the background.  The one quietly getting it done.

Just wanted to share this little piece of my heart with all of you.  Are you trying to figure "it" out?  Do you know where you are going?  What are your strengths?  TTFN!



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cicale T Designs Giveaway

Hi all!!  Sunday is here, which means just a couple more day to enter my necklace giveaway 

sponsored by the wonderful Cicale T Designs



Friday, May 14, 2010

Necklace Giveaway!

Hi all!  Hope your Friday is going well.  We finally finished school here yesterday, so we have spent most of today trying to reorganize the classroom/office.  Just wanted to remind everyone you only have a few more days to enter the giveaway for a Cicale T Designs necklace.  This one, in fact...

Here is a little information about the wonderful designer, Tami Cicale. She has always had a love for design and creating unique spaces and that passion translated into jewelry design about a year ago after attending a party where everyone was buying the same overpriced pieces. She started by taking jewelry making classses and her passion has grown from there. Her pieces incorporate only the highest quality materials: stones, gems, crystals and metals. Best of all, she only makes one of each piece -- they are all ORIGINALS! She has shown and sold her work in the Maryland/ Washington DC area, Florida and New York and is now expanding her clientele via the Etsy community. You can check out her site HERE. To me, what makes her even work even more amazing, is she has a full-time job, is a wife and a mommy. Kuddos to anyone who can balance it all and put their creative energy to good use!

The contest runs through May 18th at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen on May 19, my mom's big birthday!!

To enter:

You must follow this blog (let me know if you already do) and comment below about your favorite piece from Cicale T Designs.

For one (1) extra entry each you can share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter (@4kidlets) or on your own blog with a copy of the link here. Just let me know the number of entries.

Good luck to all!! TTFN!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer?

Hi all!  Hope this finds all of you doing well.  Crazy busy here!  Today is Ittybit's last day of preschool and Eldest Son may actually finish 5th grade today -- we'll see.  I've never seen anyone take so long to finish up a year!!  I think his head is already on summer break, so getting him to finish up these last three exams is darn near impossible!!!

Just wanted to remind you time is running out on my necklace giveaway, so enter now.  Just click HERE for the details.  Also, today is the second day of Fabulous Fun Finds silent auction.  Go check it out!  There are several items I'll be placing bids on later in the day!!

Well, better run and get our picnic ready for this afternoon.  TTFN!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Evolution of a little man AKA first buzz cut...



PS:  Don't forget about the GREAT necklace giveaway I'm holding!!!  Go HERE for all the details.  Hurry, giveaway ends May 18!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OMG! Where Did the Day Go?

Hi all!  Didn't I just wake up?  How can it already be late afternoon?!  Argh!  Now that it's getting close to making dinner time, I only have a few moments to share a couple of things with you.  First of all, here is a great link to The Life of a Suburban Princess and her monogram giveaway.  You must check it out!!

Also, I found the cutest site for sending the most adorable email stationery!  Please check out Paperless Post.  In fact, I just sent a friend a gorgeous thank you email and didn't feel too guilty that it was "only" an email.  You can design the cards and the envelopes, etc.  They also offer email invitations, as well as other stationery.  While not the same as putting pen to paper, it is far better than a plain email.  I know some of my friends would just love to receive letters only this way!  Think of how green you could be.

Please don't forget that starting tomorrow Fabulous Fun Finds will be starting their silent auction to benefit her sister's family which lost their daughter to SIDS in March.  As I said yesterday, I'll be bidding!  Also, don't forget about my giveaway that ends on May 18.  Click HERE for the details!

Well, got to go and make dinner -- spaghetti, meatballs and sausages!  Yum, yum!!  TTFN!



Monday, May 10, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Hi all!  Hope your weekend was wonderful and, for all my mommy friends, I hope your Mother's Day was fab.  Eldest Son made me the cutest chocolate frogs and we got some new furniture to go out on the deck! 

Sorry for thr poor quality of the picture.

In case you didn't know, I LOVE frogs!!  Actually, that's an understatement.  Hey, new blog idea, how to incorporate frogs into almost everything!  Luckily, Lilly Pulitzer helps feed into my obsession collection. Maybe I'll do this later in the week.  I'm also planning a post about prep scool with plenty of pictures of what I wore in high school.  Just haven't had the time to get all the memorabilia out.

Just a quick reminder that Fabulous Fun Finds will be holding their silent auction May 12-13 to benefit her sister's family who lost their daughter to SIDS in March.  For more information you can go HERE.  I know I'll be bidding on a few items!!  2 Preppy Girls has donated some fun items to the auction, as has Cicale T Designs, who is also sponsoring my giveaway.  Which reminds me, you can go HERE for all the information on the giveaway. TTFN!



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hi all and Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends!  Well, it's finally here... my first giveaway in honor of Mother's Day and my mom's birthday!!

First of all, let me tell you about the wonderful designer, Tami Cicale.  She has always had a love for design and creating unique spaces and that passion translated into jewelry design about a year ago after attending a party where everyone was buying the same overpriced pieces. She started by taking jewelry making classses and her passion has grown from there.  Her pieces incorporate only the highest quality materials: stones, gems, crystals and metals.  Best of all, she only makes one of each piece -- they are all ORIGINALS!  She has shown and sold her work in the Maryland/ Washington DC area, Florida and New York and is now expanding her clientele via the Etsy community.  You can check out her site HERE.  To me, what makes her even work even more amazing, is she has a full-time job, is a wife and a mommy.  Kuddos to anyone who can balance it all and put their creative energy to good use!

Here are a couple of pictures of some pieces I love:

And even more important, here is the picture of  my mom's birthday gift for one of my lucky followers.  Will it be you?!  Do you think I could sign up?!

So, here are the rules:

The contest begins today, May 9th and runs through May 18th at midnight EST.  The winner will be chosen on May 19, my mom's big birthday!!

To enter:

You must follow this blog (let me know if you already do) and comment below about your favorite piece from Cicale T Designs.

For one (1) extra entry each you can share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter (@4kidlets) or on your own blog with a copy of the link here.  Just let me know the number of entries.

Good luck to all!!  TTFN!



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Early Mother's Day

Hi all!  Since tomorrow is the launch of the giveaway, I thought I would share these beautiful flowers with you today.  Happy Mother's Day to all!!  Thank you so much, my lovely kids and Nana (who helped "pick out" the arrangement)!  TTFN!



Friday, May 7, 2010

One Month and Counting

Hi all and happy Friday!  Hope you have some wonderful plans for your weekend.  Husband has to work Saturday morning, but I'm hoping we can fit in some fun.  Don't forget to come back here on Sunday for the start of my give away in honor of my mom's 30th birthday! ;-)

Well, it's official, in just over a month Eldest Son wll be going to his first ever sleep away camp for almost two weeks.  I'm so happy for him and know he will have the time of his life!  I just wonder what it will be like without him here for so long.  Will he remeber me?!  For those of you who don't know, I have chosen to home school my children so I'm with them practically 24/7.  It's going to be strange to only have three kids here.  To add to the quiet, the girls will also be attending Princess Camp one of the weeks for about 3 hours a day, then I'll be down to one kid.  How strange!!

Please, if you know me personally, never let on to Eldest Son that I have my worries.  I never want to ruin this experience for him.  This is good.  It is time for him to flex his newly formed muscles.  (By the way, he is enjoying weight training.)  It is time for him to explore some of the world without either Husband or I by his side.  It's just going to be different.  We will both grow from this experience.

Luckily, this camp offers a service where they will be posting pictures daily.  So, hopefully, I'll see Eldest Son's smiling face each day.  I'm excited to see and hear all about his new experiences.  I'm going to pack a journal for him and hope he'll write a little in it each day.  I don't want him to forget the neat things he does and, if he would like, I hope to share some of it with you.  We'll have to see.

Well, I better stop writing, as I already feel the tears starting.  What can I say, I have a hard time letting go.  I'm excited for this new journey for him, but saddend that I won't be right by his side.  Well, at least not in person.  He will do well and tell me all about it and that's all I can ask.  TTFN!



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Review

Hi all!  Today is super busy here, but wanted to make sure I told those of you close by about a great little Mexican place that just opened, Cabo's.  We went there last night. I know, surprising since Husband NEVER wants to eat out, but it was Cinco de Mayo and every red-blooded American must celebrate!!!

The food was hot and fresh and the service was great!  Yes, I know they just opened, but it was a busy day.  Our waiter even made sure Eldest Son's food was made to order.  There were two things we had that I wouldn't get again -- their guacamole (Husband said it was far too bland even when adding in their wonderful salsa) and the rice was way too dry.  Everything else was so yummy.  I ate way too much, but I guess that's okay every once in a while.  Can't wait to go back and try some desserts -- Husband was ready to go so no such luck last night.

As you can see, even the kid's menu had generous portions.

Even the baby gave them a stunning review!

Here's Eldest Son with his Cheesesteak burrito -- made to order!

Eldest Daughter enjoyed her taco, but wants a burrito next time.

Oh, I almost forgot, for Cinco de Mayo they also had live music.  The kids loved all the beach music the man was playing.  I'm sure he's there on the weekends, as well.

Just wanted to share this new little place with you, as well as our fun celebration!  What did you do to celebrate?  I would love to know! 

Must run to Ittybit's preschool for Muffins with Mom and the May Crowning!  TTFN!



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Practically Perfect for Mother's Day

Hi all!  To continue the theme of weekend fun, I'd like to tell you about our girls' only Sunday!  For Mother's Day, my mom aka Nana, took the minnies and I to see Mary Poppins at the Fox Theater.  It was incredible!! 

I was a little surprised by the turns of the story, especially since this was still a Disney production, but it made for such a beautiful piece.  The story was a little more "adult" in places, focusing on Mr. Banks and why he was shall we say, driven.  It was so touching that both Nana and I teared up a few times.  The one scene that I still can't get out of my head is when Mr. Banks has hit a hard time and Mrs. Banks goes to comfort him.  He simply jerks away and demands what she wants from him.  She quietly tells him, I only wanted to kiss you.  Even as I'm writing about this, I tear up.  Oh goodness.  I don't want to say much more, as I have at least one friend who is going to see it this weekend and I hope all of you can catch the show, as it was...

in every way!  (hint: read the t-shirts, and , again, thank you Nana)

Here are a few more pictures from our wonderful day.  Yes, the minnies and I are wearing our Lilly Pulitzer Pandamonium shifts and we're very humbled by all the compliments.  Nana has one too, but she opted for a gorgeous suit, but did match it with an incredible Lilly Pulitzer clutch that I may have to steal borrow from her! :-)  Hope your day is practically perfect!  TTFN!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strawberry Fields

Hi all!  What a beautiful day we are having here!  As promised, I wanted to tell you about the fun we had this weekend, starting with Saturday at Jaemor Farms.  Through their facebook page, they invited all their fans, wait now we're "others,"  (now there's a blog post idea!) to come and pick strawberries.  This was the first year they planted them and they have about 5 acres.  They are NOT a pick your own strawberry field, but decided to let their fans in on the fun.

So, we wake up Saturday to some nasty looking skies and they NEVER cleared!!  We were a little worried about going to the farm, but we knew we had to try and were so happy we did.  No the weather wasn't glorious and my straightened hair went very curly, but the rain never came and it wasn't hot at all.  In fact, it was rather cool!  We had so much fun picking two flats of strawberries with the kids and then playing in the market and, of course, you can't go to Jaemor without having apple fritters and fried apple pies -- YUMMY! 

Jaemor has some of the most wonderful produce in the world, but nothing can beat the kind hearted people there!  They're always willing to lend a hand and tell you about any of their products, as well as the workings of the farm.  We just love going up there and are blessed to have them so close to home!  If you ever get a chance, you must go!

Well, enough of my writing!  I really wanted to show you our fun day.  So here you go.  TTFN!

First strawberries

Working hard

Little man's first strawberry!

Love his look of amazement!

First flat

I love this picture

Proud boy!

She's trying SO hard!

She did it!!