Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Celebrations

Hi all!  I'm so happy it's May!  May is a special month around here, not only because of Mother's Day, but my mom's birthday is this month also.  So there's lots of celebrating to be had, especially this year as Mom turns 30 -- now how old does that make me?!  Okay, enough math for one day...

Due to all the celebrating, I decided to let one of my followers win a gift!  I have a beautiful necklace to giveaway from a very talented designer, Cicale T Designs.  I will be telling you more about this wonderful lady and revealing the piece she made closer to the start of the giveaway.  In the meantime, go check out her site and get inspired and buy a piece or two!  Don't worry, the winning piece is not in her shop.  She also graciously donated a piece to Fabulous Fun Finds for the Hailey Angel Silent Auction to be held May 12-13, which I told y'all about here.  If you have a product you can donate, contact Fabulous Fun Finds or go to the site and see the great items that will be auctioned off and get ready!  See, I told you May was a busy month!

We have a busy weekend planned here, as Eldest Daughter has officially finished kindergarten and first grade!  So proud of our future pediatric neurosurgeon -- yes, you heard me right!  At five years old, she not only wants to be a doctor, but has already specialized!!!  And, no, no one told her what direction to go.  She was simply asked what type of doctor she would like to be and she told us she wanted to work on kid's brains.  We will do whatever we can to help her achieve this admirable goal.

I hope your weekend is filled with all sorts of wonder and excitement!  TTFN!



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  1. how exciting for your little doctor to be! My daughter only wants to be Hannah Montana and our middle son a surfer...I think I need to pump up the academics in our house....!