Friday, May 7, 2010

One Month and Counting

Hi all and happy Friday!  Hope you have some wonderful plans for your weekend.  Husband has to work Saturday morning, but I'm hoping we can fit in some fun.  Don't forget to come back here on Sunday for the start of my give away in honor of my mom's 30th birthday! ;-)

Well, it's official, in just over a month Eldest Son wll be going to his first ever sleep away camp for almost two weeks.  I'm so happy for him and know he will have the time of his life!  I just wonder what it will be like without him here for so long.  Will he remeber me?!  For those of you who don't know, I have chosen to home school my children so I'm with them practically 24/7.  It's going to be strange to only have three kids here.  To add to the quiet, the girls will also be attending Princess Camp one of the weeks for about 3 hours a day, then I'll be down to one kid.  How strange!!

Please, if you know me personally, never let on to Eldest Son that I have my worries.  I never want to ruin this experience for him.  This is good.  It is time for him to flex his newly formed muscles.  (By the way, he is enjoying weight training.)  It is time for him to explore some of the world without either Husband or I by his side.  It's just going to be different.  We will both grow from this experience.

Luckily, this camp offers a service where they will be posting pictures daily.  So, hopefully, I'll see Eldest Son's smiling face each day.  I'm excited to see and hear all about his new experiences.  I'm going to pack a journal for him and hope he'll write a little in it each day.  I don't want him to forget the neat things he does and, if he would like, I hope to share some of it with you.  We'll have to see.

Well, I better stop writing, as I already feel the tears starting.  What can I say, I have a hard time letting go.  I'm excited for this new journey for him, but saddend that I won't be right by his side.  Well, at least not in person.  He will do well and tell me all about it and that's all I can ask.  TTFN!



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