Friday, May 21, 2010

A Blog Award, for Me?!

Hi all! Recently, I received the versatile blogger award from Sarah over at honey, sugah, dahlin' and boy do I thank her.  This is the same sweet girl that I won a strawberry cookbook from -- can you say yummy?! She is such a sweetheart!

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the blogger who presented me with this award. How could I not do that?

2) Share 7 things about myself. Oh dear God...

3) Pass on the award to 15 bloggers I have recently discovered and love! I know there are more than 15, as I still consider myself a recent blogger. If you're not named, know I still love you, but must stick to the rules!

So here we go! Seven random things you might (or might not) want to know…

1. DH and I have four kids -- 2 boys 10 and 17 months and 2 girls 5 and 3 -- God help us! Oh, and the last two were complete surprises and great blessings!

2. I help DH run a business, as well as home school the older two.

3. I love Lilly Pulitzer

4. I attended Prep School in Atlanta -- one day I'll do the post I've been promising.

5. I graduated from Oglethorpe University -- twice!! Undergraduate Degree in Communications with a Business Minor and I also have an MBA. It's so sad, they did away with the MBA program.

6. I was married during my first year of grad school (over Spring Break) and was 6 months pregnant when I graduated with my MBA.

7. I met DH in a bar the day after I turned 21.

15 bloggers that I love, easy enough:

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  1. Thanks!!! Too sweet of you to think of me! :)

  2. sweet for you to include me in the blogs you love...I feel the dame way dear!

    Hope you Friday is going fabulously and that you have a great weekend!!!!


  3. Thank you so much, and you definitely did brighten my day :) I'm going to start working on mine!!

  4. Ah my darling thank you for this! Really means allot to be included. I was pregnant with my second child when I did my MA (hardest thing I ever did, especially since my first born was not even 1). Just loved learning your 7 facts. Will be 'shouting' about you once we settle in AZ in June. Watch this space, have a lovely weekend.

  5. Kim, another thing we have in common that relates to our Indiana bred hubbies...I met Rob in a bar also!!! How funny is that!!!!

  6. I'm honored and touched!!! Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks girl!!!! I have been so behind in blogland this was really a treat. Hopefully after graduation I can get caught up!!!

  8. Oh Kim, thank you, thank you. What a kind awesome gift. You are soo sweet.

  9. Hi Kim! Thank you so very very much for the award, I really appreciate it! I am quite behind on reading/commenting due to wayyy to much work travel, but I will post it soon. Thank you again, and happy weekend to you! xoxoxox