Friday, March 19, 2010

Toothless Fairy

Okay, so I thought I was ready for this...

I had already cut her umbilical cord five years earlier (beware, there is some blood in this picture).

I had even helped her pull out her two previous loose teeth with just a little hesitation, learning that I'm not much of a tooth person.  However, it was still a neat experience to share with my eldest minnie.  

Then last night happened.  My dear, sweet minnie lost her first upper front tooth!  I helped a little with this one, but she gave it the final tug all by herself.

See how proud she is?  At this point, I was really happy, too.  What a fun time in life.  Getting ready for the tooth fairy and all the hopes and dreams!  We put her tooth in its case and put it under her pillow.  The tooth fairy did come and left her a great little t-shirt.

It was this morning that shook me!  I looked at my sweet, little girl and saw the toothless grin of my baby no more.  She's growing into the princess she was meant to be, yes.  But, she's no longer the baby that relied on me for everything, even cutting the cord.  She's pulling her own teeth, cutting her own cord!  

What's next?!  I really don't want to think of all the other "cord cutting" moments we will have, but I know they are fast approaching!  I'm excited to see what all she will accomplish and sharing her with all the world.  Yet, there are times, I wish she was still inside my belly for only me to enjoy or even those first few months where I was her only world.

I loved my sweet minnie then

and I love my sweet minnie now

toothless, grown-up grin and all!





  1. So sweet, I know exactly how you feel.

  2. Hi Kim, so cute. Guess what, I have one of those toothless beauties at the moment too :-) Only it's a he.

  3. Congrats! It's such a fun time!! Since posting this, she has lost her other top front tooth...