Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday and Winner Announced

Hi all!  Well, today's the day -- the day Eldest Daughter turns six!!  I'm so happy for her and, yet, sad for me.  She's growing up much too fast.  Okay, so I'm not going to cry, instead I'm going to share some pictures from earlier this morning when she had her Birthday breakfast of waffles with chocolate syrup, complete with six candles!

After breakfast, we held the drawing for the stationery giveaway and here's how that went...

Congrats to Desperately Seeking Seersucker!  If y'all haven't checked out her blog, please do.  She's just the most darling and has the cutest westie in the world, Louis. 

Well, I must run.  TTFN!




  1. Happy Birthday to your Minnie! She is way too adorable!


  2. OMG!! I'm so excited. Yay! Yay! You really have made my day :)

    And a BIG Happy 6th Birthday to Eldest Daughter!!!