Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Weekend...

Hi all and welcome to another fun filled weekend!!  Well, at least everywhere, but at my house.  The kids start back to school Monday and Eldest Son is none too impressed.  Eldest Daughter, on the other hand, can't wait. 

I know many of you must think I'm crazy having the kids start back to school so early, but it really isn't all that early here.  In fact, our county schools start August 9th.  Just wanted to let y'all know it may take some time for me to find the balance that works best for all of us and blogging may be a little crazy.  Know that I'll do my best, but please cut me some slack for a couple of weeks!!  Besides, I have a fun giveaway in the works I think y'all will enjoy that I will announce next week. 

Well, I'm going to enjoy these last few "lazy" days.  TTFN!



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  1. Oh my goodness!! I was thinking I hadn't read it right, but I guess I did. I hate the end of summertime :( So glad that Eldest Daughter is excited though!!!