Monday, July 19, 2010

For Shame!

Hi all and welcome to another new week!  Again, way too much happening here, but I know all will be well. 

Last Thursday, one of the local news stations asked a question about marketing maternity wear to teenagers.  I thought this had to be a joke, possibly a way to boost ratings.  To my dismay, it turns out to be true!!!!  Forever 21, a store that markets to teens and young adults, is launching a maternity line.  What is happening?!

Back in the dark ages, when I attended high school, I never would have dreamed of the day when teen pregnancy would be glamorized.  Okay, so it was the early 1990's and we were all afraid of AIDS and it was a parochial high school, still...

I remember there was one girl who did find herself "in trouble" and she was quickly sent away.  She had the baby and gave it up for adoption, a tough choice, but right by the child. She did return the next year, but only for a few months.  It seems her "secret" wasn't so secret and she was ashamed.  Good for her!  Where is the shame now? 

We have been told our children can't play sports where scores are kept, where each child must have the same number of Easter eggs in their basket.  Why?  Where are the consequences for actions?  It just keeps going.  I'm truly scared to see what is next. 

We've already glamorized having a baby out of wedlock, without a father to be had.  Now, let's set the bar even lower and tell the young girls, hey look, if you get yourself knocked up, you can wear these really cute clothes!!!!  Can you tell I have an opinion?  This isn't good for our girls, this isn't good for our country.  It's time we take a conservative stand and remind our girls this isn't right.  It isn't all fun and games and, most importantly, there are consequences to our actions.  I'm sure I'll receive some not so nice remarks, but I put this out there and accept that consequence to my action! 

I understand this is simply a line of clothing, but I believe it to be totally unacceptable.  Teens who find themselves in this situation, shouldn't be worrying about what looks cute and shows off their baby bump.  They should be worrying about how to make sure their child ends up with the best care -- pre and post natal.  They should realize the true consequences and relaize it isn't all about fashion, it's about a life! 

For shame on Forever 21 for supporting such idiocy!  TTFN.



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  1. Oh good lord!! Now, I'm not going to say I don't show at Forever21 when I have the is completely geared towards YOUNG ladies. Those at an age where they would most likely NOT be married. This is really disheartening. Not that having a baby out of wedlock is the end of the I have friends who have found themselves in that position. However, to market maternity clothes to teens is a bit much. Wow.