Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bridal Cookbook

Hi all and happy Thursday to you!  Boy has this week flown, probably because I haven't had a moment to rest.  Y'all may remember my earlier post about being a  stressed baker.  That is, when I'm under a lot of stress, I bake.  Well that still continues, but I've now found a way to help someone out.  

At the beginning of spring, Lori at Shopaholic in Alabama and Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green hosted a spring gift exchange where I was partnered with Erica at Fashion Meets Food.  It turns out that Erica will soon be getting married, like in a few weeks soon.  Can you imagine the stress or do you remember the stress of those last few weeks before the big day?  I know I still do.  Well, Erica is throwing herself a virtual bridal share and is simply requesting a recipe or two for her bridal cookbook.  I absolutely adore this idea, as I know I relied on my bridal cookbook for quite sometime, still even make some of the recipes!  So, simply visit her blog and help the poor girl out!  I know we all have some wisdom we could share!  TTFN!



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