Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Stressed Baker

Hello all and a happy Wednesday to you.  It's a little more busy here than ususal with Eldest Daughter turning 6 tomorrow and a few other things, but I really needed to post something today. 

I'm sure you've been able to see I've been under a great deal of stress -- lucky for my family!  Why?  Because, when I stress I bake.  So, my pain is well, there gain -- hopfeully not litterally!  Lately, I've been baking up a storm -- anything from good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles to Bananas Foster French Toast (a kid friendly version, I made up based on the Williams-Sonoma recipe).  For the French toast, I even made my own roll of French bread -- I do love my bread maker!  Even made a maccaroni and cheese lasgna the other night for dinner.  Boy, did that please the kids.  This morning, I've already made sausage balls for the Husband and am planning on making blueberry cookies (with the blueberries the girls picked from our bushes) in just a little while.

So, what do you do when your stressed beyond your limit?  How do you escape?  TTFN!



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  1. I wish I could bake!! That would be much healthier for me I think :(

    I exercise non-stop and don't eat. Booo.... Thank goodness I'm coming out of that stage now. I so hope your stress level goes down soon too!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!!