Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Blame Me, I'm a Mom...

Hi all and happy Friday!  I thank you for induldging me as I suffer through this ridiculous pitty party.  I promise today is the last post about missing Eldest Son, but must share this story with you.  While it deals directly with said son, it has far more to do with the camp he's attending.  Sadly, I don't feel comfortbale enough to tell you exactly where Eldet Son is, but wait until you hear how wonderful this place is.  If you are looking for a camp for your young ones, please feel free to email me and I will privately discuss the particulars.

As you know, Eldest Son has been at camp since Sunday and I haven't heard from him.  When, once again, there was NO letter in the mail from him today, I broke down.  I acted like a real mother!  I called the camp and pleaded, begged, asked them ever so kindly to have Eldest Son's counselor remind him of the importance of putting pen to paper and writing his mother!  They were so kind to me and assured me that I was not the first, nor was I going to be the last person to call about a child's writing issues.  Furthermore, they let me know that Eldest Son was adjusting beautifully.  I figured that was the end of it and went about my day.

No more than an hour later, I had a message on my cell phone from the camp letting me know Eldest Son had been sufficiently chastised spoken to about the importance of letter writing.  AND, not only had he written me a letter a few days ago, but one went in the mail today.  Can you believe it?  I'm really glad Eldest Son has been writing, but was really surprised about the camp's attention to my feelings.  I mean seriously, they had already made me feel better, and yet, they went the extra mile to follow-up with me, again.  Yay camp!! 

I thank you all for your supportive comments and wish a wonderful weekend!  TTFN!



P.S.  The new adventure for the day was getting invloved in my county's politics.  Husband and I have officially joined our political party's group in our county.  We have always voted, and let our kids know how important it is, but we decided we need to be more involved.

Also wanted to let you know, I'm participating in Maryland Pink and Green's Blog Hop.  Go check it out!

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  1. Hi, I'm from Friday Follow, and your blog is so cute! I love the Christams picture of your family!

    That's so cute that your son has written you! I went to a camp every summer when I was younger, and I never wrote my parents, but I don't think they were surprised. Congratulations on joining your county's political party, I think it is so important to vote! Have a fabulous Friday!