Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Princesses in Training and Giveaway Details!

Hi all!  As you know, the girls started Princess Camp yesterday and they really seem to enjoy it.  I was amazed at all they were able to do in just three short hours.  Of course, when the Fairy Godmother is in charge, a lot can be done.  Yes, you read that correctly, they are being instructed by  a "real, live" Fairy Godmother, as well as a couple of other princesses.   It's so sweet to see all the little girls in costume and, even more amazing, to see the instructors dressed for the occassion.  Here's what my princesses looked like yesterday:

Now, I know you are all wondering what will be included in my Stationery Giveaway (check the link for all the rules), so here you go:

A book of these:

These TDF markers!  Who can go wrong with a name like, flamingo or lime daiquiri?

This pack of 12 notecards with matching envelopes:

And this pack of 20 notecards with matching envelopes:

This Lilly Pulitzer pen:

This Lilly Pulitzer notepad:

This snickerdoodle mix:

All pacakged together in this Lilly Pulitzer bag and tissue paper:

Isn't it beautiful?!

So, there you go.  Hope to see you over at the Stationery Giveaway.  Have a royal day and don't forget to write someone!!!  TTFN!




  1. I went to Princess Summer Camp when I was younger! Absolutely LOVED IT! In college I spent the summer being a princess at a four week summer camp. The girls were so much fun and I think I had more fun being a teacher than when I was the student. My Mum made me a ton of beautiful princess costumes. Your girls look absolutely gorgeous! Your stationery giveaway looks absolutely fabulous! Love everything in it. Cute bag! I love Lilly stationary, but PA doesn't seem to love Lilly like I do as stores really do not carry it.

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Your daughters are too cute! That sounds like such a fun camp!