Tuesday, June 22, 2010

National Wear Your Lilly Day Recap

Hi all and a Happy Tuesday to you!  As you may know, Eldest Son has pneumonia and I want to spend time with him, so today's post is rather brief.  Yesterday was the first ever National Wear Your Lilly Day and the kids and I enjoyed taking part -- even at the doctor's office!!!  So here's photographic evidence, that even when sick, Lilly makes you better! :-)  TTFN!



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  1. I read about his pneumonia on Twitter!! So sorry to hear about that :( No fun at all. I had pneumonia once and I had to work 1/2 days for a month because I was so tired. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    And how in the world I missed National Wear Your Lilly Day is beyond me! You guys look fabulous!!