Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Little Patriot!

Hi all!  Hope your 4th was splendid!  We had a lot of fun here, well except for Baby Bubba (in turn, myself) missing all the fireworks.  Oh well, there'a always next year... 

As you know, Eldest Daughter turned six on July 1st. 

Just what could she be wishing?!  She never told!

She received several gift cards.  So, what does a good mom do?  Take her shopping, of course!  This momentous occassion, two days worth mind you, was caught on camera for the world to enjoy.  This is big, Eldest Daughter finally got to sign her own name to a credit card purchase!!!  Got to love Visa gift cards.  So with out further ado, please scroll through the pictures, as Eldest Daughter tries to help stimualte the economy.  Oh, she make's here momma proud...

The big moment!  Yes, that's her Starbucks right beside her!

So proud of all of her Strawberry Shortcake finds.  Ittybit just hopes she can play,too!

Day two and another gift card!  Yes, we were SO patriotic trying to help our economy on the 4th of July!

Another huge bag of goodies!  This time Barbie!!

I hope you have enjoyed our patriotism and will personally thank Eldest Daughter for doing her part to stimulate our economy!  Good night and God Bless!  TTFN.




  1. Adorable! Happy birthday to her! :) Did you make that cake? Looks yum!

  2. Oh my goodness what a cute cake! Your girls are adorable!


  3. I love this! You are truly raising the girls "properly" by teaching the policy of economic stimulation. :-) XOXO