Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Evolution of a Family Picture!

Hi all!  Hope you like the new header picture and, of course, it was taken by Ken Rada.  What I want to do today is explain the evolution of this photo -- it was a year in the making!!!

It started when I found this jon jon online at In the Pink

Unfortunately, they only had it in a size 12-18 month and Baby Bubba was only about 5 months old, but I had to have it.  I also found Eldest Daughter's shorts on the site (her top is from The Pink Paddock)

and, I believe, Eldest Son's shirt is from there, as well.

Then I found my pants at Belk in Atlanta, of course they were about 4 sizes too big, but I had to have them.  Thank goodness for a GREAT tailor!!  My top is from Lilly Pulitzer Southlake.  Husband's shirt is from Under the Palm Tree and Ittybit's top is from Persnickity Palm, I believe.

So, a year and six Lilly stores later, we have a new family picture and header for this blog!  Thank you to all who helped in this task.  Did you ever think one picture could take so long and involve so many people?! ;-)  TTFN.




  1. Loving the new family picture!!! It's absolutely adorable!


  2. Believe me, I hear you! With the girls wearing matching outfits every day, it's often difficult to find the set at one store. That's why I shop everywhere! xoxo

  3. Looks like all the hard work paid off, great photo and you have a gorgeous family!