Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fun!

Hi all!  Hope your Friday is off to a wonderful start!  We're busy here, but what else is new?  What scares me the most is starting next week we will be even busier!!  Where will I fit it all in?!  I'm sure I'll figure it out, but hope all of you have an understanding heart if I miss a day here or there. 

How busy will I be?  Well, Eldest Son has football camp during the day and Eldest Daughter has Cheer Camp in the evenings.  There are also swimming lessons for the girls and, oh yes, Eldest Son will be starting a class one night a week, with Eldest Daughter to follow the next week.  What was I thinking?!  Thank goodness Husband bought me a Yukon XL, as I think I will be living out of it for the next few weeks!!  I'll share pictures of my new bus soon, I'm just waiting on a couple of monogrammed treats from 2 Preppy Girls.

Well, now that I have exhausted myself just reading this, I'm off to "relax!"  Sure, I am....  TTFN.



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