Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi all!  Hope your Wednesday is going well.  Busy, busy here, but what else is new?  I apologize beforehand if this post is full of typos, as I'm working on Husband's computer.  My computer is acting all sorts of screwy and I wanted to make sure I posted something before the end of the day.

Son seemed to have fun at weightlifting practice, so I guess this will be our new venture.  I'm for anything that will make him feel stronger.  I truly believe the stronger you feel, the better you are at everything!!!  Think about it.  Isn't that true in your own life?  If you believe you can do something, you can.  It may take practice, but you usually can make it work.  The more you practice, the stronger you are, the more you accomplish.  It's a basic building block.  Hopefully, Son will get this and try harder at everything.  Dare I say a new attitude without even knowing it?  See, sometimes lessons can be learned without words.  We will see.

I wish I had pictures to show you from yesterday, but alas, I don't.  First of all I didn't even bring a camera, but could you imagine how upset Son would have been with me?  I was even told by coach that parents aren't really allowed in the weightroom.  Well, how the heck else was I supposed to meet him?!  Oh, well.  Son is growing up and he needs to fly on his own, sometimes. 

The gym and the weight room amazed me, they were better than I ever had and I went to prep school!!  What also surprised me were the number of girls in there training, lifting the heavy weights.  In fact, I think there were more girls than boys.  I had no idea that weightlifting was that popular.  Did you? 

Now, please don't ask me what type of lifting was going on, as I'm not well versed in the terminology.  All I know is Son and a few other boys from his football team are in there to increase their agility and speed, as well as become srtonger.  Now we're back to where we started. 

It all comes down to strength  -- physical, mental, whatever -- without strength, we get no where!  That's what I took away from it all. What do you think?  TTFN!



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