Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iron Much?!

Hi all!  Recently, Desperately Seeking Seersucker wrote a post about J. Crew, which I read.  At the time, though, I thought she was a bit rash in her decision to break up with them.  They do have wonderful staples, such as their khaki shorts, then I received this email today...

All I can say is, iron much?!  Even the bag is wrinkled -- oh my!!  What happened to clothes that looked nice?  Clothes, dare I say, that were pressed -- or at least looked as though they were?  Yes, the color pallette is beautiful and the cocktail ring is TDF.  I'm  also sure the trip to Turks and Caicos was divine, but who wants to look as though they slept in their clothes all day?  Certainly not I!  So, my apologies, dear lady, I do believe you were right to give them the boot.  What do you think?  TTFN.

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  1. I'm on board with you, Kim. I think we need a temporary break up with J. Crew, at least until they come back down to reality and get back to the basics that they were once so good at! Also, quality, please!! :) Hope you have a wonderful week! xox

  2. I saw this and I was like wow what is going on? Even the clothes in the store are a wrinkled mess. I don't get it. Stores such as Kmart and Target have neater looking clothes then J. Crew. I think J.Crew will be in for a rude awakening! One of my friends is a manager and said "wrinkled or used" is the look of summer. I don't know which fashion show they went to or who told them that, but they are completely misinformed! Enjoy your day!


  3. Kim, you are too precious!! Let me just tell you...I was reading an article in NY Magazine about J.Crew's head design person becoming BFFs with this other person (sorry, can't remember names) and how they've become inspired to change the look of J.Crew. I'm sure that some people will really like this new stuff, but for those of us loyal credit card carrying shoppers it's quite a let down.

    On a positive note..have you seen the new L.L. Bean Women's catalogue??? They are my new best friend. LOVE is all I can say :)

  4. Hi ladies!! Thanks so much for your comment and glad to know I'm not going completely mad. Wonder if J. Crew knows what they are doing to their customer base? Will be checking out the LL Bean catalogue shortly, thanks for the review! XOXO

  5. Hahaha this is so funny! I thought she was over exaggerating at first too, but once I did some investigating I saw that she was right. What a dull looking wrinkled mess!