Thursday, April 29, 2010

Customer Service

Hi all and happy Thursday!  Can't believe the weekend is fast approaching, as is the end of the school year for my two eldest!  Eldest Son should be finished with his fifth grade year by mid-next week and Eldest Daughter has already completed kindergarten and has just a few more lessons left for first grade -- what a big year for both!  I know I've told you all this before, but I'm their mom, what can I say?! 

Okay, enough of my bragging.  What I really want to discuss is customer service, or at least, two vastly different experiences I've had over the past few weeks.  I won't name names for the bad service, but I will name the best people here shortly.  Well, I've always wanted the worst news first, so I'll start with them...

A few weeks ago, an online sample sale site had a high-demand sale.  I repeatedly went into the site to try to order a few items and was constantly booted out.  Strange things were happening and I believed there had to be something going on with their system.  I voiced these concerns on Twitter to a friend, who was having similar issues.  I gave up, she persisted and even got a few pieces.  Score one for her!  Well, later that afternoon I received an email from said site asking if all was okay.  I told them no and what had happened, as well as my questions.  Basically I was told too bad you didn't get in, but that's just the way it goes!  I should have had more patience.  Okay, but weren't you the ones with the sale and the odd things happening with the system -- once or twice okay, but repeatedly?  Besides, how the heck did you know I was having issues?   Oh yeah, YOU were the one watching my Twitter account!! So, they stalk me online and tell me it's my fault!!  By the way, Friend not only got an email, but a call from said site!  Still waiting to hear what comes of that.  This is how not to do business.  Sample sale site is down one customer, at least for the time being.

Now for the customer service of the year award!  I proudly bestow the first ever, My Life Through Pink... Customer Service Award to 2 Preppy Girls!  They are WONDERFUL!!  First and foremost, they didn't stalk me online and then tell me how it's all my fault, though, truthfully, it was.  I ordered a car monogram from them and put the wrong initials on it.  Yes, I know my name, but hit the wrong key and didn't notice my error.  When the monogram arrived yesterday, I called and asked to order a new one.  I expected to pay, it was MY mistake after all, instead the new monogram is being sent out today free of charge!  That is what customer service is all about!  Now, I expect all of you to rush to their website and place an order! ;-)  If not today, then soon!  I'll remind you of this again, as I plan on doing a post all about monogramming.  Oh just you wait and see what I've done...

So, what have I learned?  First of all, companies really are watching what you say about them on Twitter, yet they really don't care.  It's really kind of creepy!  Secondly, there's always something to be said about those who treat their customers well.  I know Husband and I think about this every day with our own business, as well as in our own lives.  What about you?  TTFN!




  1. I absolutely love 2 Preppy Girls. It's nice to know that their are still people out there that practice excellent customer service. While I was in Nieman's I was trying on sunglasses (Chanel and Dior) one of the sales associates tells another girl to keep her eye on me! I walked out of their so quickly. Apparently my Chanel ballet flats, headband, purse, tiffany and co engagement ring and Kate Spade outfit were not enough and made me look like a thief. I have never been more furious or embarrassed!


  2. In a world where you can grab your iphone and google the lowest price on anything you might be buying right in the store, customer service is really the last way retailers can set themselves apart from the crowd and gain a loyal following. It is such a shame that some retailers do not realize the value of this.

    Fashion Meets Food-- I've been there too, and my mother (who I guess inspired my love for jewelry) loved to tell friends about a shop she used to frequent that literally did not even notice her unless she came decked out in her diamonds, and then they fell at her feet. Of course the lesson there is, she was the same person with or without the diamonds, and had the same money to spend, so they may have been smart to treat all their customers well, as I am sure they lost some customers by assuming they didn't have deep enough pockets.

  3. Thank ya so much Kim! I try hard to give great customer service and it's easy when the customer on the other end is not demanding or expects something or is super rude!

    Hope you enjoy your new Car Monogram!

    Collars Up!