Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi all!  Well, Husband fixed my computer -- thank goodness!!  So, that's one less thing I need to worry about.  Husband is so very helpful and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate all he does for me and our family!  Not only does he provide for us so I can stay home and raise our four kids, but he also makes sure the house is in running order.  I don't believe I have ever had to make him a honey-do list, because he just does.

When not at work or working at home, he is working ON our home.  He takes care of the yard, like this weekend he planted a ton of plants I picked up at Home Depot.  See, I love to pick out the plants, I just have a strong adversion to yardwork.  I would rather be inside cleaning the house, than outside gardening or anything of the such.  Actually, truth be told, for part of the time he was planting, I was on the back deck getting sun with the three youngest.  I do count myself lucky I was able to do that.  Husband also is constantly making improvements.

Over the winter, Husband installed these wrought iron balusters, as well as the judge's paneling on the wall,

and laid the most beautiful hardwood floors throughout our downstairs.  He even put it an angle to add interest, though a lot of extra work for himself!

What do you think of his work?

He is now focusing on more outdoor projects, he extended the deck when we moved here about three years ago and has added lattice to finish off the deck.  I believe this summer he will be adding a new deck with a firepit overlooking the woods at the end of our new path/dry riverbed he created over the past few weekends to help with the excess waterflow from our neighbor's yard.  I think he's also contemplating covering part of our deck so he can install a ceiling fan so we can eat outside and not melt in the hot sun.  Maybe even adding a deck off of the Master bedroom.  Like I said, Husband stays busy.

Just wanted you all to know how very talented Husband is, becasue he would never confess.  I hope all of you have someone so wonderful in your life.  TTFN!




  1. He is definitely a keeper!!! When he finishes your honey do, tell him to give mine some pointers.
    Love the wrought iron balusters, I have candle sticks just like them.

  2. Husband just can't be still and, yes, he is a keeper!! :)