Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just You Wait...

Hi all!  Wow, has this been a week!  Just got back from vacation yesterday to run to the dentist this morning.  Now, I'm trying to get caught up with laundry and all the other basic tasks I have to do every day.  I have to tell you about all I have coming up on the blog next week, I'm so excited!!!  First of all, I'm hosting a wonderful giveaway, so all you mommas of sweet little girls, best come back on Monday to check it out!  Also, next week I'll be telling you all about our vacation -- where we went, what we did.  It was SO relaxing and such fun, even with the four kids in tow!!  I think this is a place many of you will enjoy visiting.

Well, I hear the dryer going off and Baby Bubba is fussy.  So I better run!!  TTFN.



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