Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Time

Hi all and a Happy Wednesday to you and a very Happy 40th to our dear Shopaholic in Alabama!!!  Hope this year is wonderful for you!

Something happened yesterday, that I thought would make y'all laugh.  Baby Bubba is reaching the ripe old age of 20 months, understand, by this time, both girls were COMPLETELY potty trained!  Well, Baby Bubba is a boy and isn't cooperating or is he just smater than they?!  Yesterday I told him we needed to change his diaper and he went and got one for me.  Okay, so he knows the words.  That's enough to make me know he's ready, but then he decides to run into the living room and grab a pillow for his head.  Yes, you read that right!!  He wanted to make sure he was comfortable.  All with the cutest smile on his face!  So, now I'm trying to potty train him, as much as he has trained me!!!  TTFN.

Oh, don't forget to enter my grilling giveaway.  The deadline is this Friday.



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  1. Thanks for the birthday mention, my dear friend! Have a wonderful weekend! :-) XOXO