Monday, August 2, 2010

How Hot is It?!

Hi all, welcome to a new week, and month.  Hope this finds y'all doing well!!!  As you know, the two oldest started their classes today, so if you have a moment, please say a prayer for a peaceful transition back into our school schedule.

To start preparing ourselves for the fun of a new school year, I decided Friday was to be a day of eggsperiments and other eggsperiences!!  Okay, so I'm not the funniest girl in the world, but my guys had fun.  First, we went to our local egg farm and picked up our usual order -- a flat of farm fresh eggs.  These truly are the best eggs and the best deal -- 30 extra large eggs for $2.  Yes, we go through that many eggs every week!  I also had a few store bought eggs here to use for comparison.  We thoroughly went over our eggs and discovered how strong, and fragile, they can be, as well as finding out if eggs could float by follwing these experiments.  We are also working on the "naked egg" experimemt.  Simply put, you cover the eggs with vinegar and it "eats" the shell.  This has been a lot of fun and watching the kids observe the differences between farm fresh and store bought has been fun -- I love when they really pay attention to detail.  By the way, we have observed farm fresh eggs seem to have a thicker shell. 

Now, how do we know it's hot here?!  Well, we could simply turn on the local weather report or even step outside to roast, but Husband and I had a better idea.  We discovered it's so hot outside you can...

Oh, yeah, we fried an egg!!!  Well, I must be off for our new adventures in learning.  TTFN!




  1. Too funny! When I was little a friend tried this too!

  2. Never knew that actually worked!