Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Did you Know This About Music Cards?!

Hi all!  Well, I learned something new today and wanted to share it with you.  While not earth shattering, I believe it is quite useful knowledge.

With so many music cards on the market, I'm sure most of us (or at least our kids) have received one.  Well, did you know the post office charges extra for these cards?  And, if they do not have the extra postage they may very well return them!  It's not becasue they weigh more or have a different shape.  It's because they require more labor by the post office.  These cards can NOT be run though the machines.  If they are, the cards will NOT work! So, here's the advice I was given:  if at all possible, take these cards to your post office or mail center.  If not, add an extra stamp and write "Hand Stamp Only" on the card.  That way, your card won't be returned or, worse yet, ruined.

Just thought I would pass this little tidbit on.  Now, you can add it to all the "useful" trivia you have stored in your brain, as well!  TTFN.