Thursday, September 2, 2010

We've Got Spirit... Tops Reminder

Hi all!  It's almost time for a great holiday weekend.  What do you have planned?  Hopefully, you'll be entering my spirit top giveaway!  Here is the original post with all the details!  Good luck to all who enter!  TTFN.



Hi all!!  Welcome to a new week and a very special giveaway that I'm super excited to share with you!

I would love to introduce y'all to Bleu Bird Deigns and Bec's Tweet Feet.  These two ladies have collaborated on some of the cutest clothing ever and they have gracioulsy offered one lucky reader their choice of spirit top ($50 retail value).  I absolutely adore the spirit wear they have made for my little ones!  Now, they can cheer Eldest Son on in style. 

 Here are some other spirit wear designs they have made.


And here are some other outfits made my Bleu for my cuties, as well as other examples of their work...


Well, since all of us can't win a spirit top, Bleu has generoulsy offered all my readers a 10% discount using the code Spirit10.  Simply, convo Bleu through her Etsy shop to receive your discount on any new purchase.

Now, here are the rules:

The giveaway runs until September 6 at midnight with the winner being announced on Tuesday, September 7.  What a fun way to celebrate back to school!

For one (1) entry you must follow this blog and let me know

One (1) entry for "friending" Bleu Bird on facebook, again comment this has been done

One (1) entry for "friending" Bec's Tweet Feet on facebook and comment this has been done.

One (1) entry MANDANTORY go to Bleu Bird Designs Etsy page and pick out your favorite item and comment about it here.

Two (2) entries for sharing this giveaway on facebook or tweeting about it (@4kidlets).  I must be able to verify.

Three (3) entries for blogging about this giveaway and letting me know to verify.

Please combine all of your entries into one post.  Good luck to all who enter.  TTFN.




  1. Okay, ma'am!

    I follow your blog :)

    I sent friend requests to both Bleu Bird and Bec's Tweet Feet on Facebook.

    I am about to share your blog/giveaway post via my Facebook page.

    My favorite item on the Etsy page is the Lucy Lollipop Top in Corduroy Owls. I love it! The retro pattern is so adorable and the colors are amazing. KIND OF makes me wish my "baby" was still small enough to wear it ;)


  2. These are too darling! If only I had kiddos to put them on!

  3. OK I am now following you.(nursejennie76)

    I am friends on FB with both Bleu Bird, and Bec's Tweet Feet.

    I posted on FB about the giveaway.( Jennifer Raymond-Schelfo)

    My favorite Item is also the Lucy Lollipop to in Corduroy Owls!! It is soooooo cute!!

    I also blogged about it!!

  4. I am a follower of your blog now!

  5. I have "liked" Bleu Bird on Facebook too!

  6. Added "Bec's tweet feet" as a friend, and waiting on a response!

  7. My favorite is the "Eva tunic"

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  9. #1 I am a new follower of this blog. I followed you over from the Southern Mommas blog list. I would love it if you decided to follow my blog, as well!

    #2 I "friended" Bleu Bird on facebook.

    #3 I "friended" Bec's Tweet Feet on facebook.

    #4 I love the Lucy Lollipop Top, but I would REALLY love the top that you have for your kids, but done in Tennessee colors.

    #5 and #6 I tweeted this giveaway, and I mentioned you in the tweet (@4kidlets). I am MrsMatched on twitter.

  10. Alrighty then, I'm officially entering for myself :)

    I follow your blog, I tweeted about your giveaway, and my favorite item from Blue Bird Designs' Etsy page is the Girls Classic Jackie O. Custom Dress! So precious!

    3 entries please

  11. So fun!!! And thank you for emailing me about this (and your blog...I've been reading up, very cute!)

    Follow you.
    Friended Bleu Bird
    Friended Bec's Tweet Feet
    I Love the tunic cute cute cute!

    Four for me please!! :-)

  12. I follow your blog (vbbrunette408)
    Friended Bleu bord && Bec's Tweet Feet (julie grimberg)
    love the patchwork babydoll dresses
    Tweeted -

  13. (1) I follow your blog.
    (1) I am friends with Bleu Bird.
    (1) I am friends with Bec's Tweet Feet.
    (1) I love the Fall Chick fabric dress.
    (2) shared on facebook: Valerie's Reviews.


  14. (1) I am following your blog (as McKay Family)
    (1) Am friends with Bec
    (1) Have friended Bleu
    (1) Visited Bleu's Etsy site and love the school spirit orange & blue for Gators!
    (2) Shared on FB and are my links
    FB:!/lindsay.bordenkirchermckay [although not sure you can verify this one since my security settings are so high]
    (3) And I blogged here:

    Thanks....crossing fingers. My little angel will look so cute for Gator football season!!

  15. Hi Kim-
    *I am now following your blog!
    *I have friended both Bleu Bird Designs & Bec's Tweet Feet on FB.
    *My favorite item on BBD's Etsy page is of course, the GATOR spirit top! :)
    *And I shared this giveaway on FB!
    ~Ann M

  16. Hi Kim! I should be good for seven entries:
    I follow
    I friended (both!)
    LOVE the custom embroidered patchwork top in the shop-so cute!
    I am going to post on my blog tomorrow(Sat.)because I already have a blog post up for today. You can seee it tomorrow at:
    Thank you! Cute giveaway : )

  17. Hi Kim!
    -Friends with Bec's Tweetfeet
    -Friend's with Bleu Bird
    -I love Lucy Lollipop Top in Corduroy Owls
    -Following blog
    -Sharing on Facebook!

  18. Hi Kim,
    What a great give away!
    -follow blog
    -friends with Blue Bird
    -Friends with Bec's Tweetfeet
    - I love , love the gator dress for the school spirit.