Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Today is busy, but wanted to make sure I checked in.  It started with me waking up a little late and been playing catch up ever since.  Favorite quote of the day:  I'm so behind, I think I'm in first place!  

While crazy, it's been a good one.  The kids and I had our favorite hair goddess over and now we all look stunning! ;)  DH seems happy with my new look, ALWAYS good!!  Also received my new necklace and earrings from Kate Puck Jewelry -- so beautiful and beachy!  Will try to post pictures later.  Please don't hold me to it, though!

Well, must get back to school with the kids -- can't have them fall as far behind as I am!



  1. I love the "I'm so behind, I think I'm in first place!" quote, a favorite of mine and I can relate to that feeling as things pile up while I am sick and during the power outage.

    You certainly have a full plate homeschooling 4 kids! You must be really good at time management. Maybe you can give me some pointers? I need help in that department. Maybe I could balance things better if I spent less time shopping, LOL

    xx Sue

  2. Sue, thanks for the inspiration for today's blog.